Usually, the surface of plastic products obtained by this injection moulding method has good gloss and beautiful color, but in the actual injection moulding production process, many products produced by injection moulding factories have relatively large defects in color and gloss. Besides the hard factors such as plastic raw materials, colorants and the surface gloss of the mould, what other reasons will be created? What happened?

(1) The surface of the mould cavity is rusty, and the exhaust of the mould is poor.


(2) The gating system of the mould is defective, so the cooling well should be enlarged, and the runner, polishing main runner, diversion runner and gate should be enlarged.


(3) Material temperature and model temperature are on the low side. If necessary, local heating of gate can be used.


(4) Processing pressure is too low, speed is too slow, injection time is insufficient, back pressure is insufficient, resulting in poor compactness and dark surface.


(5) Plastics should be fully plasticized, but the degradation of materials should be prevented, the heating should be stable, and the cooling should be adequate, especially for thick-walled materials.


(6) Prevent the cold material from entering the parts, and change to self-locking spring or lower the nozzle temperature if necessary.


(7) There are too many recycled materials, poor quality of plastics or colorants, mixed with water vapor or other impurities, and poor quality of lubricants used.


(8) The clamping force should be sufficient.



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